Pangea's Garden is the sanctuary for striking images that pay homage to the exotic beauty of that earthSista that was always close to home. Its a community that celebrates, with pride, Afrocentric and natural beauty, adorned or bare without shame, inhibition or exploitation. Its all about love, respect and adoration for visions of Afrosensuality.

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why are black women so beautiful and why am i so blessed to be one

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Joyce Owens, Connect
Black flower power
Pangea’s FlowerPower at ATL’s Apache Cafe starts NOW. Where are you?

TONIGHT the earthSistas are back at the Apache Cafe. 
Last time they did Primal Paint

Tonight is FLOWERPOWER. Why don’t you join us tonight?


THIS is a sampling of what the earthSistas did the last time at the Bohemian Circus and you can follow the link for MORE. Do you dare miss what the do tonight?

Primal Paint at the Bohemian Circus…


pangeasgardenproject:Sunsets back  This is so cool!!! Thank you a million times.
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its time to return to the Garden…


Myself & shop-blvck-nostalgia x photo credit @ogpenn x styling @age_ryan x assistant @dirtydaynaaa … Sneak peak of our VINTAGE shoot #WestOakland #thrift #sustainableFashion

Hey thats us lol IG: Drakenaasty
Remembering CCC and the Hookah Hookup…