Pangea's Garden is the sanctuary for striking images that pay homage to the exotic beauty of that earthSista that was always close to home. Its a community that celebrates, with pride, Afrocentric and natural beauty, adorned or bare without shame, inhibition or exploitation. Its all about love, respect and adoration for visions of Afrosensuality.

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GreenRose & FlowerChild…

the muses of the Garden to share a unique artistic experience with Apache’s patrons. And it just that; an experience more than a technique….he Primal Paint experience is how the approach lends itself to a variety of interpretations, allowing artists, photographers and models to inject their own creative spin into the process. A Monday night at Apache Cafe seemed to be the perfect opportunity to explore procedure in a group setting. These are a few of my capture of the night’s exploits.
Primal Paint at the Bohemian Circus…

good morning


MoEss in MoeBanga

African Centered Sexuality by Scottie Lowe of AfroerotiK - Lesson One

African-centered sexuality is based on Love. 

Not romantic love as is seen in Hollywood, not based on lust or what the other person can bring to you, but a true genuine affection, concern, and caring for one’s partner. The process of loving someone creates a spiritual bond with them.  Loving is the essence of our true nature as human beings.  Loving someone not only raises our vibration, but it also raises the vibration of the person we are with.  Because many of us raised in Western society have become so jaded by the concept of love, so hurt by someone we trusted with our hearths, we rally against it, claiming love has no role or purpose in the African-centered practices.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  To love someone is to care about their pleasure more than your own, to become aroused by their unique scent, to crave intimacy and connection with them.  Descendents of slaves are fragmented and disconnected from our emotional selves so the concept of loving someone arouses fear: fear of getting hurt, fear of being vulnerable, fears of abandonment and the fear of not being loved equally in return. The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear.  So, to form a bond with someone so intimately that you know them better than you know yourself is the primary goal of African-centered sexuality.  Love yourself, love your partner(s); make choices, conversations, and commitments based on the emotional and spiritual connection with the person(s) with whom you choose to share your sacred and sexual body.

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Natural hair hasn’t been this popular since black people started wearing Afros in the 1960s. And today, there are more natural hair enthusiasts than ever before.
The World Natural Hair Show Spring 2012

"We started from a gazebo that stretched across this ethereal lake and as we walked towards the lake’s edge we decided to explore the woods nearby instead of circling the waters. Violet was her typically creative and upbeat self. The sun was warm and she seemed to enjoy basking in it. The light definitely loved her. Streaks of radiance dodged the leaves and branches of the trees above just to dance across her skin. And Violet danced with them. Uninhibited and free, she reveled in her natural surroundings, working with them to create…"
nude in the Garden
The clouds parted,allowing streams of sunshine to pour onto Beauty. She looked Heaven sent. We were warned, periodically, with the passing of the clouds that the moment was fleeting.
the Nature Strolls continue…
The dawning sun pierced the blinds of the windows that had no curtains painting streaks of lights on the couch, the couple and collection of drawings and sketches pinned to the walls. ..Masai reveled in the nurturing his Queen showered upon him. Graciously he thanked her and said something funny. They both laughed. She caressed his face… his chest..
…they kissed… they embraced…
black love is afrosensual…
break the rules… step into the Garden
a crochet STRUT!
afrocentric is afrosensual
the caress afrosensual