Pangea's Garden is the sanctuary for striking images that pay homage to the exotic beauty of that earthSista that was always close to home. Its a community that celebrates, with pride, Afrocentric and natural beauty, adorned or bare without shame, inhibition or exploitation. Its all about love, respect and adoration for visions of Afrosensuality.

Do you like what you see in Pangea’s Garden?

orisha afrosensual…

Bohemian Circus Reloaded: Dangerous, Wicked, Hypnotic

#afrosensual adorned at @apachecafe

I am voodoo queen– the one that all of Louisiana and Mississippi adorn on floats, masquerade as, and leave offerings for in crypts and mausoleums during Mardi Gras
Dangerous, Wicked, Hypnotic

A haunting tale of longing, Kwesi experimented with creative collaborations of verse and image.
A mystical narrative, Conjurer arouses personal recollections of one’s own yearnings.
It is touching and intense and afrosensual.
Do you feel her pain?
Kwesi Abbensetts: Conjurer
a good morning America from PrettyFire and Saddi Khali #4thofJuly #afrosensual
#afrobeat inspired #FELA  #afrosensual

Mid-afternoon seemed the perfect time for  a good book. This was Kirei Na’s thought when she received a very interesting instant message on my laptop. It was haunting, provocative with a touch of humor. It was an intimate tease sent over miles wire and broadcast airwaves and it captured her imagination…
Kirei Na…a virtual seduction

"…All of the plans for the night went out the window. And it was sensual. It was beautiful. These are a handful of the images we did not share of that night and although they are a part of the Garden’s public blog, have care because they are NSFW."
Nambi blue… an Apache Interlude
natural love afrosensual
Good morning
tantra’s healing touch  |  is this too much?  #afrosensual #tbt
earthSista Chadoe in nature. #EarthSistas #afrosensual

We are a triad, a coven, the three witches that frightened Macbeth, the three of power, the three of sensuality and beauty. Dangerous. Wicked. Hypnotic. - See more at:

shades of black love | afrosensual
Yesterday, April 20 has become a something of a counter culture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis. For some it’s about the politics while for others it’s an opportunity to simply come together. For us in the Garden, it was an opportunity to create some art with incense and hookas and spliffs and beautiful sistas. Do you like what you see? 

earthSistas… hookahs, spliffs, 420 and smoke